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Select Your Event Type

Select Your Event Type

Step One: Select the type of special event or party you are having to begin your party rental estimate—we'll guide you through our Party Rental Catalog.

Choose Rentals from our Catalog

Choose Party Rentals from our Catalog

Step Two: Choose from a wide range of party rentals, party supplies, party favors, and decorations. This creates a party rental list you can save or revise and access later.

Get An Instant Online Party Rental Estimate

Get An Instant Online Party Rental Estimate

Step Three: Get your online estimate without waiting. After you've created your party rental list, press the calculate button for your instant estimate.


Don’t Be Fooled By PRICING!

Other Party Rental Companies may look less expensive, but they are not!

When it comes to pricing, Abbey Party Rentals will meet or beat any competitor that offers comparable rentals and service. Furthermore, your experience will be a smoother process with better organization, higher quality equipment and customer service that you cannot get anywhere else.

We match our pricing to our leading competitors even though they do not place the same emphasis on quality equipment or accommodating the special needs of your event.

Over and over we hear the nightmare stories of small party rental companies that have not delivered what they promised, have delivered them late or have supplied rentals that are not in working order.  In addition, you will often find add-on expenses that you never saw coming. If this is a special event, don’t take any chances, go with the best.

We are a service based business, we get involved with every client.  That means looking at your event and making sure your rentals are covered, nothing has been forgotten. We”ll even let you know if there is something on the order that shouldn’t be.  Why pay for something you don’t need?  We are proud of our ability to offer the best Party Rentals in San Diego at prices that meet or beat our competitors.

Visit our online Party Rental Catalog and see what we offer.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, call us.  If we don’t have it, we’ll get it.  Let Abbey help make your special event everything you dreamed and more!